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Five of the Best Restaurants in Montreal According to Enrico Frank Andreoli

Enrico Frank Andreoli is a Montreal native who loves the cuisine of his hometown.  His blogs revolve around his passion for Montreal food. 

For today’s blog, Enrico Frank Andreoli lists five of the best restaurants in Montreal that he has dined in.

1. Hélicoptère

Located at 4255 Rue Ontario E,  this fine establishment is posh, relaxing, and inventive. Since 2018, Hélicoptère has been serving some of the most creative small plates and seasonal fare thanks to the genius that is Chef David Ollu. The food here, while appearing minimalistic, may quickly change the minds of customers once it melts in their palates.

2. Sandwicherie Sue

While Sandwicherie Sue has multiple branches, Enrico Frank Andreoli’s favorite haunt can be found on 2660 Rue Beaubien E. Operated by Susan Lo, this sandwich shop may very well be the best of its kind in Montreal. Many people describe the products as banh mi, which is an understandable misconception. It is a more fanciful take on the traditional Vietnamese favorite.  And with most of the sandwiches under $10, Sandwicherie Sue delivers a lot more bang for the buck.

3. Hoogan et Beaufort

Run by one of Enrico Frank Andreoli’s favorite chefs, Marc-Andre Jette, Hoogan et Beaufort is quite the haven for adventurous foodies. For starters, the restaurant is built around an in-house fire pit. As for the food, more discerning customers will be able to tell almost immediately the distinct earthy flavor brought about by ingredients such as mushrooms (chanterelles and beyond), beets, turnips, and more, adding dimensions to Quebec’s meats and fishes.  It is located at 4095 Rue Molson.

4. Alep

Located at 199 Rue Jean-Talon Est, Alep may very well be Enrico Frank Andreoli’s favorite “exotic” restaurant.  Categorized as a Villeray Syrian-Armenian restaurant, the establishment has some of the most unforgettable dishes.  From its rich, tangy shanklish salad to a za’atar-seasoned grilled swordfish to its garlic-infused dips and savory kebabs, Alep should be high on any tourist’s must-visit list

5. Montréal Plaza

Last but certainly not least, Enrico Frank Andreoli mentions Montréal Plaza.  A brainchild of ex Toqué chef Charles-Antoine Crête and his partners Sébastien Blanchette (front-of-house) and Cheryl Johnson (chef), this restaurant is a place that’s as simple, cozy, easily-appreciated, and comfortable as a lot of items on the menu.  Highly recommended is the whelk gratiné with miso butter.  Montréal Plaza is located at 6230 Rue St-Hubert.