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Five More Restaurants Worth Checking Out in the Montreal Area

Montreal native Enrico Frank Andreoli loves his hometown, especially the food.  Over the years, he has dined in many of the best restaurants in the city.  For today’s blog, he lists five more restaurants in Montreal worth checking out.

1. Le St-Urbain

Le St-Urbain is located at 96 Rue Fleury O. The establishment is most well-known for bringing Ahuntsic to the legion of foodies in Montreal. For almost 10 years, partners Marc-André Royal and newer chef Lindsay McLaren have made quite a name for themselves and their restaurant. Le St-Urbain serves a world-class bistro cuisine with a French twist, catering to people who love a different kind of eating experience.

2. Café Régine

Along 1840 Rue Beaubien E, people can find Café Régine.  A favorite among Montreal residents and people in the neighboring areas, this home of soft brioches, duck confit with waffles, meaty house Scotch egg, and classic cinnamon buns shows how much a restaurant can rise on the strength of hard work and excellent customer service.

3. Moccione

Former Toqué chef Luca Cianciulli and partner Maxime Landry put up this quaint Italian restaurant in Villeray less than two years ago.  Since then, it’s commanded quite a following, mainly because of some of its exceptional pasta dishes. The entrée list shouldn’t be overlooked. The presentation is simple yet exciting, with modern classics such as delicate gnocchi or squash-mascarpone stuffed tortelli. There is also a lot more for foodies everywhere, according to Enrico Frank Andreoli.  Moccione can be found along 380 Rue Villeray.

4. Chez Tousignant

Chez Tousignant is a classic-feel Quebec casse-croûte or snack bar, which can be found on 6956 Rue Drolet. There are a lot of items for people of all tastes and fancies, from a poutine with crisp fries and squeaky cheese curds to house-made hotdogs and burgers in potato buns with a secret sauce and add-ons like maple ham. And Enrico Frank Andreoli mentions that the low prices don’t reflect the culinary value of the food at all.

5. Maison Publique

The first thing veteran food lovers will want to see in Maison Publique is, of course, prominent chef ambassador for Montreal, Derek Dammann. His lifelong mission to establish Canada’s culinary identity has not gone unnoticed all around the world. In fact, many tourists who come to Montreal for the food do so because of Dammann, notes  Enrico Frank Andreoli. Maison Publique is located at 4720 Rue Marquette.